Vixen also comes to us from Geyer German Shepherds, however, she has different parents. She is 2 years old at this time. She has beautiful markings with her red and black coat.

Dennis and Bonnie Walker

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 The beach and relaxing are her two favorite things not to mention riding through our canyon in the Rhino.


She comes to us from Geyer German Shepherds. She is a mixture of German and American show lines and is bred for temperament  Additionally, Geyer breeds so that her dogs do not have over angulated rears. She had her first litter last August.

Our Females

Greta, Freda, Vixen, Zena and our newest edition Inka. She is one of my puppies from Zack and Greta. 


Greta Vom 

Greta is a beautiful East German Female. She is considered a sable color. The sire is from Kraftwerk Kennels and the famed 3X WUSV Rabauke vom Baunschweiger Wappen 15X SchH3 IPO3 and Kkl2. The dam is from Centurian K-0 out of Sable Britta Vom Scheffer, and Scheffer's Ajax. She is very sweet with a loving personality. She is also very athletic with intense energy. 

Zena is growing up so fast.

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Zena sleeps so soundly that nothing can wake her up..

This is 5 month old Zena. She won't be ready to breed for 1 1/2 years. She is a long coat, and she has an amazing pedigree, her mom is a Polish import and her dad is a German import.